Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Video Digest: Oh Astro, Why?, Portishead, The Raveonettes, Excepter

(Portishead - "Machine Gun")

Download: Portishead - "Machine Gun"

(Why? - "Song of the Sad Assassin")

Download: Why? - "Song of the Sad Assassin"

Oh Astro - Hello Fuji Boy from Oh Astro on Vimeo.

Download: Oh Astro - "Hello Fuji Boy"

(The Raveonettes - "Hallucinations" - Live on City Centre Social - from a performance earlier this year, but only added on YouTube today.)

Watch more here.

Download: The Raveonettes - "Hallucinations"

(The Raveonettes - "Aly, Walk With Me", Live on "Late Show with David Letterman 3/25/08)

Download: The Raveonettes - "Aly Walk With Me"

(Excepter - "Kill People")

Download: Excepter - "Kill People"

(Jonathan Graef)

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