Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rock for Hunger Interviews Brother Ali

(Part One of Rock for Hunger's interview with Brother Ali)

(Part Two of Rock for Hunger's interview with Brother Ali)

Judging by Toki Wright's Tour Blog, the Truth is Here Tour, headlined by fellow Rhymesayer act Brother Ali, is going quite splendidly, even though the brief jaunt across the U.S. and A has not been without its problems (such as a mild trailer accident in Omaha). But even though Wright, Brother Ali, Abstract Rude, and BK-One have been playing one live show a day for the past month or so, they can still take the time to help out those who are in need.

Ali, in particular, sat down with an interview for Rock For Hunger, an organization which, as its name might suggest, is dedicated to "exists to end the cycle of poverty and
homelessness through education and uniting the community...through music and peace". The charity group just launched its Conversations series where they interview artists who are stopping through Orlando, where Rock For Hunger was founded. Yesterday, the foundation put up the first part of Ali's interview, with the second part to follow today. Both parts one and two can be found at the top of the post. Each video is worth watching, as not only do they contain Ali waxing philosophical about mid-west hip-hop and other matters, but they also feature Brother Ali in his domain; that is, on-stage, live.

If you want to see more of Brother Ali in concert, then head on over to Flow.TV, as the hip-hop website has uploaded incendiary performances of "Truth Is" and "Uncle Sam Goddamn" for your viewing pleasure.

The Undisputed Truth is out now.

Brother Ali MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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Anonymous rap music said...

this was informative on midwest rappers... thanks. I'ma be ou=n the lookout for this cat.

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