Monday, February 11, 2008

The 1900s Do Daytrotter Session, Open For British Sea Power

Download: The 1900s - "When I Say Go"

One of MFR's favorite bands, The 1900s, recorded some tunes for Daytrottera while back and now you can hear the results of that by heading over to the Daytrotter website, where The 1900s session has been posted today. All four of the songs are from last year's stellar Cold And Kind, but the group has ingeniously re-arranged the tracks so that they are different from their recorded counterparts, making this session wholly unique. And awesome. Did we say awesome? Now we have. The best track of the bunch is the re-worked version of "When I Say Go". Originally, it's an upbeat, relentless poppy number, but Daytrotter version that The Hundos recorded makes it sound like a great, lost Leonard Cohen track. That's not to diss the likes of the completely barebones version of "Georgia" or the sturdier, more rhythmic rendition of "City Water" (self-described as a "70’s Paul Simon folk rock vibe").

Daytrotter asks that bloggers don't re-host tracks, so you're going to have to do a Late Greats-style "Compare And Contrast" on your own, which we highly recommend doing. The original can be found up at the top of the post. Go here to listen to the new versions.

In other 1900s news, the band is opening for British Sea Power - hey, didn't we just do a post about them? - on several dates, including March 24th at Chicago's Empty Bottle. Check out those dates here.

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