Friday, December 14, 2007

Reminder: Reader's Polls Are Due On Monday

So far, exactly none of you have sent in your submissions to our first ever reader's poll. Ouch, baby. Very ouch. But that's alright, because you still have the weekend, which is plenty of time to participating by sending your top ten lists to (though it's the holidays, so not even the fact that you have Saturday and Sunday off is a guarantee for free time).

ANYWHO, here are the rules once again: Take your favorite 25 records of the year, and split them into three categories. Ten albums that you thought were the most innovative, creative, and challenging records of the year; ten albums that you thought displayed the best songwriting/craftmenship, or were the best in sheer listenability; and the 5 albums that you thought were underrated. Lastly, list 5 records that you thought were overrated.

Polls are due on this Monday. The day after we tally the votes, we'll put up or one poll. Sounds good?

Once again, the email is

(MFR Staff)

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Anonymous rockyb said...

Sent Mine!

1:30 AM  

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