Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tonight: Mel Gibson & The Pants At The Nomad

Download: Mel Gibson & The Pants - "Stress Fracture w/Mictlan"

While a band name like Mel Gibson & The Pants (Was something like The Helen Hunt For Red October too subtle?) may suggest goof-pop along the lines of Let's Get Out Of This Terrible Sandwich Shop, the dark, otherworldly sonic textures and minor-key guitar line of "Where It Hurts" suggest that Totally Gross National Product act Mel Gibson & The Pants aren't gunning for laughs. Furthermore, there are opening lyrics of the aforementioned song, taken from this year's Sea Vs. Shining Sea: "Life is never easy/life Is often hard/Life will knock you out, son/so put up your guard."

Then again, a band who titularly invokes Spinal Tap (hint: two-word review) can't be all doom and gloom, and MG&TP combination of glum electronic soundscapes, guitar, jittery, staccato hip-hop rhythms should prove to be a potent combination live. Find out for yourself when the band plays tonight at the Nomad. The Reveille magazine sponsored show starts at 9 p.m. and is free. However, the gig is also 21+, so only go if you are of age.

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(Jonathan Graef)

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