Monday, December 10, 2007

Pay What You Want For This Blog

Turbulent talks over the whole "Radiohead thing" have saturated the geekish music community ever since the release of "In Rainbows," but the first really great story discussing these issue came out in the Sunday edition of the New York Times yesterday.

Here's how the piece starts:

"SHORTLY after Radiohead released its album “In Rainbows” online in October, the band misplaced its password for Max/MSP, a geek-oriented music software package that the guitarist Jonny Greenwood uses constantly. It wasn’t the first time it had happened, Mr. Greenwood said over a cup of tea at the venerable Randolph Hotel here. As usual Radiohead contacted Max/MSP’s developers, Cycling ’74, for another password. “They wrote back,” Mr. Greenwood said, “‘Why don’t you pay us what you think it’s worth?’”

Read the full piece at

(Ian Anderson)

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