Monday, November 12, 2007

New Jayber Crow - "Devil And The Desert"

Download: Jayber Crow - "The News About Michael, Married In Mexico"
Download: Jayber Crow - "Eugene, Oregon (Manifest Destiny)"
Download: Jayber Crow - "What Poets Know"

Oh man, this was just what I needed. Jayber Crow posted a copy of there song "Devil and the Desert" to their MySpace on Friday. This is solidly one of my favorite Jayber Crow songs – definitely a song to keep truckin' to.

Accompanying the song was an announcement that the boys have eight or nine songs prepped for the new album, which I'm positive will be awesomely fantastic, as per usual. They'll be recording it in December.

Jayber has been off on a bit of a break because lead singer Zach Hawkins was getting married. And let me tell you, going six or seven months with out my new and live Jayber fix has been driving me up the wall. They're one of the things I really, really missed about Minnesota when I was in San Francisco. Nothing in music gives me a clearer picture of the Midwest than their debut E.P., The Farmer and the Nomad. I'm literally giddy with excitement at this announcement.

Buy their CD here.

MySpace Page

(April Wright)

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