Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Led Zeppelin Didn't Write Tunes Everybody Liked. They Left That To The Bee Gees.

Download: Led Zepplin - "Going To California"

On Nov. 13th, Led Zepplin will misty mountain hop its way to the internet age by making their entire catalog available for download. This way, the future Wayne Campbells of the world can pick and choose the Zepplin tracks they want to hear, or download the entire album in one fell swoop.

From Billboard:
Led Zeppelin will end its digital music holdout when Warner Music Group makes the legendary rock outfit's entire catalog available to download starting Nov. 13. All online music retailers will offer the group's full albums or a la carte downloads on that date...the digital release program is timed to coincide with the release that day of the 24-track, two-CD Atlantic/Rhino compilation "Mothership," which spans the band's 12-year career.

To read more about Zepplin's move, which will include an exclusive partnership with Verizon Wireless to distribute Led Zepplin ringtones (shudder), click here.

(Jonathan Graef)

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