Friday, September 28, 2007

Dreamy Shoegazers From Ireland "Turn In You"

Butterfly Explosion (terrible band name, I know, but hear me out) are an Irish shoegaze/post-rock quintet who have been described as a "loved-up Radiohead". As you can probably imagine, they make music with ethereal, spacey keyboard soundscapes; echoing, cascading waves of guitar; and a rhythm section which slowly and steadily rumbles in the distance, but can come back at roaring moment's notice. It's the instrumental ambition of post-rock combined with the ecstatic warmth of shoegaze. I, of course, have been eating all this up with a spoon.

The group convened in 2004, and have put out two EPs so far: 2005's Vision and last year's (literally, Sept. 2006) Turn The Sky. The latter EP garnered them favorable notices and airplay on XFM Scotland and XFM London. In addition, Butterfly Explosion have been praised by the likes of Mojo Magazine (I thought they only did repetitive retrospectives of old albums), who put the song "CarPark" in their top ten playlist for June 2006.

The band's been a little quiet as of late, no doubt due to the fact that they've been recording new material. Whether its for a full-length or another EP is one thing, but the band has put up a rough demo on its MySpace page for a song called "Turn In You". It's a slow, pretty number with a dreamy ambience that makes the song the perfect soundtrack for staring at the stars.

Click here to listen to "Turn In You". Below you will find tracks from both Vision and Turn The Sky.

From Turn The Sky:

Download: Butterfly Explosion - "Score"
Download:Butterfly Explosion - "Sophia"
Download: Butterfly Explosion - "Chemistry"

From Vision:

Download:Butterfly Explosion - "Comfort Of The Dark"
Download: Butterfly Explosion - "Vision"

MySpace Page
Band Website

(Jonathan Graef)

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