Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ela Tour Journal #2

Sunday September 23.

Ela wakes up in Billings, MT. It is early ass in the morning and I decided I'm done with using the fake ass present tense. So at 6:30 when I woke up we had some continental breakfast. I used some cream cheese, low carb bread and bananas. I like to call it the albino elvis. check one out. they suck. I had two.

After continental, we drove for a long ass time. Peter was our first driver. I was our first sleeper. Lots of sleep. I was woken up when the rest of Ela crafted a long text edit file that they played through the "computer voice" guy thing on Macs. I think no one should be allowed to use the word "asshole" in Montana for the next three days just to make sure it still has meaning. Soon after I woke up I started driving. Billings to Spokane is a long time. Me and Knol listened to disc 2 and 3 of Dwight D. Eisenhower's insane life. Let me just tell you this, that guy made some big missteps as a President. He should have kicked the living shit out of McCarthy ASAP. Hey Ike, if you can fuck up Hitler, I think you can knock down the Red Hunter. But it's great. I drove the last two hours of the drive in full turtle dick mode as we drove on slippery roads across mountainous ranges. It was just me, Knol and Ike to get us through as Bill and Peter were deposed in deep art convos.

We arrived for our first show with Minus the Bear and Subtle. Minus the Bear's merch weighs more than the sum weight of all the people of all the bands I'm in. If Minus the Bear fails they will be able to clothe all of Myanmar in shirts with smart indie design and the brand appeal of American Apparel. Maybe Minus the Bear will be the first band accused of exporting their t-shirts to impoverished nations, as opposed to vice versa. no promo.

So while standing in a sea of merch I met most of the gentlemen from Minus the Bear and Subtle. I had actually met Jel and Dose-One when I was a senior in high school on New Year's Eve from 98-99. Heiruspecs was playing the Rhymesayers "Soundset '99" at First Avenue. We talked briefly and fake "caught up" since we certainly didn't really know each other then. But, you know, rap waters run deep.

Minus the Bear soundchecked on their beautiful gear. I walked around the semi christian coffee shop/huge venue as if I had a fucking clue what to do. I try to stay real far out of backstages, just to give the people who really need them to relax space. I sat around at the coffeeshop and would get the non-news that opening acts always tell to each other. Bill walked up to me and said "we're going to put our stage on stuff after Subtle is done soundchecking" and I said "I bet we will sell our merch right next to where the other bands sell merch". Just typical talk talk talk while trying to get into the rhythm of playing with bands that have tour managers and soundguys and always wear their ipods et cetera.

Our soundcheck turned into our "stand on stage and count twelve year olds" while sound dudes who are competent but arguing can't decide whose job it is to plug in my bass direct out. fantastic. Turns out one of the guys toured with Flip. Flip was a fun loving band with a smart attitude from Minneapolis. They also wore make-up and knew that rock was kind of a big masquerade and that they weren't really the greatest band ever. My dad always liked that about Huey Lewis and the News.

The show went well and we sold some merch afterwards. Subtle pretty much blew me away. The last time I saw Dose-One play live he was in front of a set of turntables talking about being a man of the 90s with big belt buckles. very good, but this is a step up. the best drummer in the world also isn't a drummer. it's jel live hitting samples. as they say in rap, "that's a spicy meatball". try it if you are ever hanging at D&D studios with Preemo. (no promo).

Minus the Bear came on and they put on a phenomenal rock show. Great endings. Great beginnings. Great songs. I saw Minus the Bear at the Triple Rock before, but this stage was big as shit and there was a fan blowing on their drummer (like a keep you cool type of fan you pervert sean). So it all seemed very much like they are a band that is on MTV, and guess what, they are now. After the show I used my automated merch sheets made on Excel (thank you U of M accounting 2050, p.s., cute girls go to Carlson). Counting out merch took 8 seconds. It was tight.
We went to the hotel and I think we just went to bed.
ela on tour with minus the bear/subtle
Sept 27 -- Detroit, MI -- St. Andrew's Hall
Sept 28 -- Cleveland, OH -- Grog Shop (Early)
Sept 28 -- Cleveland, OH -- Grog Shop (Late)
Sept 29 -- Pittsburgh, PA -- Diesel
Sept 30 -- Buffalo, NY -- Tralf Music Hall
Oct 1 -- Toronto, ON -- Opera House
Oct 3 -- Cambridge, MA -- Middle East Downstairs
Oct 4 -- Cambridge, MA -- Middle East Downstairs
Oct 5 -- Brooklyn, NY -- Warsaw
Oct 6 -- New York, NY -- Irving Plaza
Oct 7 -- Sayreville, NJ -- Starland Ballroom
Oct 8 -- Philadelphia, PA -- Theatre of Living Arts
Oct 10 -- Washington, DC -- Black Cat
Oct 11 -- Norfolk, VA -- The Norva



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