Monday, September 24, 2007

Burmese Monks, Aung Sang Suu Kyi "Walk On"

(From The New York Times)

Download: U2 - "Walk On"
Download: U2 - "Running To Stand Still"
Download: U2 - “Ultraviolet (Light My Way)”
Download: U2 -“Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses”
Download: U2 -“One”
Download: U2 -“All I Want Is You”
Download: U2 -“Where The Streets Have No Name”

Now that you pervs are done watching the Meg White faux-sex tape like it was the Zapruder film, we can now move on to actual news. A huge, huge news story today is the march by 50,000 people, including 15,000 monks in Myanmar (formerly Burma) to protest the totalitarian policies of their government. This is the biggest demonstration that the country has had in 20 years. You can read more about the history of Myanmar/Burma here

One of the most well-known leaders of the democratic movement in Myanmar is Aung San Suu Kyi. She is the elected leader of the National League For Democracy, a Burmese political party. She has been under house arrest since 1990 due to her non-violent opposition to the dictatorship. As you can imagine, she is an inspiration to many of the monks who are marching today. The fact that they were allowed by the military to march past her house (which no one is allowed to do), where Kyi waved at them, means that there may be hope for democracy in Burma. Then again, maybe maybe not.

Here's where the music connection comes in: On their 2000 album, All That You Can't Leave Behind, U2 dedicated one of their songs, "Walk On", to her. So, in honor of this momentous occasion, we've posted "Walk On" plus a few more songs from U2.

Lastly, here is one of Kyi's most famous quotes: "It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it."

Ring any bells?

(Jonathan Graef)

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