Monday, June 11, 2007

The Slowdown Opened Friday

The Saddle Creek Complex has been a long time coming. Last Friday, Saddle Creek Records label executives Robb Nansel and Jason Kulbel opened the Slowdown, a 470-capacity music venue and bar in the north downtown district of Omaha, Neb. known as "NoDo."

The complex includes two buildings and 56,000 square feet of indie-rock easy livin'. The south building will be the new headquarters for Saddle Creek Records and its eight full-time employees, The Film Streams art-house theater, the venue itself and utility spaces for artists to work and even live.

I'll be in Omaha in two weeks and will check it out and report back!

For more information on this awesome creation, check out the label site.

(Ian Anderson)

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Blogger Nicole said...

Just wanted to say that I was in the Slowdown to drop off an album on Wednesday, and it really is a great venue. Upon walking in, I couldn't figure out where the stage actually was, since from the entry I could only see the bar and surrounding area. The bartender showed me though, and it was fabulous. An entire wall slides back to reveal a sizable stage with surrounded by a floor and balcony! Very cool! It looks like it's going to be a very versatile venue, and in a much better part of town than Mick's, The Waiting Room, and the Saddle Creek Bar.

9:12 PM  

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