Monday, June 11, 2007

Map of Africa - "Bone"

I love mysteries. I love everything about them: their mystery, the very little factual information known about them, and the ever-out-of-reach solution. Map of Africa is a mystery. There is so little information about them on the interweb, that I had to write a twenty-word lede to this story, and then later reference it just to get my point across.

What I do know is the following: they may or may not be based out of the US, it could be England, and they probably will have a record out in the near future, unless it is already out, in which case, 4 copies were made of the album and then given only to close family members.

Either way, I will solve this mystery, and I will solve it soon dear reader. Here is the one track I've been able to get in mp3 form, "Bone," a smooth groove-based trotter that makes me think, "live it, love it."

Download: Map of Africa - "Bone"

And if you happen to know anything about them, totally email me.

MySpace Page

(Ian Anderson)

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