Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Morning Jacket to play with Chicago Youth Orchestra at Lollapalooza

Download: My Morning Jacket - "Wordless Chorus"

Billboard Magazine reports that the Louisville combo will play with the Chicago Youth Orchestra for the second time (the first time was at a show last year at Chicago venue The Riviera) at Lollapalooza, on August 5th, 2007, in Grant Park. In the article, MMJ guitarist Carl Broemel revels the genesis of the collaboration, and gives vague details about when they will record the follow-up to 2005's stellar "Z."

Color me jealous of the kids in the Chicago Youth Orchestra. I wish I got to do something that cool when I was that age. I would totally have rocked out on the upright bass for MMJ. Consider yourselves lucky, CYO!

(Jonathan Graef)

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