Monday, March 26, 2007


(Photo by Sherry Cardino, taken from the band's MySpace page)

Though they've only put out a few 7" records (their first proper LP is due out later this year on Goner Records), Chicago based trio CoCoComa is quickly becoming a local sensation. Clubgoers are packing the group's shows like sardines. And for good reason:

As you can clearly (well, maybe not-so-much clearly, due to the lighting) see, CoCoComa rock like golden gods of the garage. I read the Chicago Reader's profile about these merry band of garage punk pranksters and decided to check out the band's MySpace page.

The band has four songs posted on the site. Worth noting are the intense rocker "Fever," which is just a few very pissed-off baby steps (and a bump or two up in tempo) away from sounding like Motorhead, and "Premonition," which sounds like Mudhoney co-opting the wavy keyboards of Elvis Costello's "Radio Radio."

Read more about them in Time Out Chicago's "Local Artist Forecast" piece . CoCoComa prove that, while Minneapolis certainly fucking rocks, Chicago isn't doing too badly either.

(Jonathan Graef)

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