Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sea Urchins - Pristine Christine

Download: Sea Urchins - Pristine Christine
Download: Sea Urchins - Sullen Eyes
Download: Sea Urchins - Everglades

Remember Sarah Records? I sure as hell don't. But from what my elders tell me, this little label, based out of Bristol, England, used to release absolutely adorable sevin inch singles of twee pop. The songs and artists were low budget, and no one in the Sarah Records family ever had much success, but the label's brand of catchy, wistful pop, makes a lot of Anglophile indie-types weep for joy. They released about a hundred singles, starting in 1987. The records are pretty hard to find, so I've been slowly picking up pieces of their catalog online, approriately beginning with the first single they ever released, the Sea Urchins "Pristine Christine." The recording is slight and the vocals are pretty crappy, but the guitars are nice and jangly and the melodies are gloriously simple.

You can check out the entire Sarah Records catalog on TweeNet. You may have to wait a little while before you can access their server, though. They only allow a certain number of users at any given time.


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