Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Georgie James - "Places"

Download: Georgie James - "Places"
Download: Georgie James - "Long Week"

D.C.-based Georgie James are the sleeper hit band of the year. Although they did a brief stint with Camera Obscura last year, GJ pretty much came out of nowhere this summer, and came out swinging.

"Places" (Saddle Creek, 2007) is a wonderful record. In fact, it may be the best non-Oberstian record to come out on the label in years. It's clever, well-constructed and just freaking catchy without being too sugar-coated.

However, I wasn't completely convinced if their ass-kickingness until they performed at the 7th St. Entry on Nov. 10, which blew me away. Laura Burhenn and John Davis were both completely charming and the pop-rock was just flowing over me like, like a wave of pop-rock.

My two favorite songs are above, but the best song both on the record and live was "Long Week," which jangles along a descend piano line that brings out Burhenn's soulful voice and powerful presence.

After spending some time with the band, I inferred a few key elements of their essence: a.) they're actually super good friends, which was refreshing to see and b.) Q and Not U has nothing to do with this band. I know, I know, Davis was the drummer, but this band is a completely different beast, and it was clear that all he gets wherever he goes is, "Hey weren't you that guy in..." and so on.

GJ just released a music video today for "Need Your Needs" and also performed on the Current last week. To stream the Current performance, click here.

Check out this video: Georgie James - Need Your Needs

Thanks to Elliot Manthey who took these pictures at the Entry show, there's even one of him and Davis that I thought was too funny not to post (featured below).

Georgie James on MySpace

(Ian Anderson)

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