Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Video: Say Hi Live at the 7th St. Entry (4/4/09)

Say Hi played at the 7th St. Entry with Telekinesis on Saturday and we happened to catch their performances of "Elouise" and "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh."

Say Hi - "Elouise"

*MP3: Say Hi - "Elouise"

Say Hi - "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh"

*MP3: Say Hi - "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh"

Watch these in HD here.

Buy Say Hi's records on iTunes here.


(Ian Anderson)

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Anonymous Bob Loblaw said...

Hello. Though I peruse far too many blogs via Hypem, due to the 95%-of-anything-is-crap rule, I've always had a good vibe about your blog. But why on earth would you link to an MP3 that only goes back to the Hypem page, especially when your blog is the only one that ever posted the track??? It's been less than a month here, too. I sure love a blog that'll leave their files up for a whole Year. And why does ANYONE ever use YouSendIt? It's atrocious. Box, SaveFile, even ZShare (despite the ads, they ALWAYS serve the file!) are Far superior. I love Say Hi but I don't always want to watch a YouTube of them. I like to read Slate, Salon, Wired, etc while I rock out. Anyway, this music blogger world is such a niche thing, so I guess I shouldn't care that much. But I do, especially when people make such braindead comments like the one I read yesterday, saying the Florence cover of Hospital Beds is 'awful.' Well, I just have to say that their Taste is awful. But again, the 95%. It also pisses me off that David Byrne charges $90 to see him at the Greek in Berkeley this summer. Okay, let this be an example of a comment that's at least "somewhat intelligent." Why does it feel like the world is full of idiots? Peace! (I like to read comments that Add to the discussion. For the love of God, if you comment on a freaking blog, point out something that you Like so others can go from there. When people post 10 different Radiohead remixes, how am I gonna find out which one of them is even partly decent? After all, have you ever heard a Radiohead remix/cover that was even 10% as good as the original? No way!)

1:32 PM  

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