Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tonight: Last House Show Ever @ The Pocketknife

pocketknife christmas party, 2008 from donotronix on Vimeo.

Serving as both the spiritual and literal home to Minneapolis' female-empowered punk rock underground, (which includes the rambunctious likes of Kitten Forever and Baby Guts, both of whom are well-recommended by this here blog), The Pocketknife, like Castle Greyskull, functioned as an all-ages, DIY venue where one could catch the best of Minneapolis' below-the-radar scene and talent.

Due to forces out of its control (the Pocketknife Myspace page says: "WE ARE NO LONGER BOOKING SHOWS AT OUR HOUSE BECAUSE WE ARE GETTING KICKED OUT..."), Sunday, March 29th, will be the Pocketknife's last show.

But the 'knife shan't go quietly into that good night, and the last show has a doozy of a lineup, which includes the following bands:


Additionally, if you have any memories of The Pocketknife, leave 'em in the comments section. If you take any video of the show, send it our way and we'll post it. Check out vid of the Pocketknife Christmas party at the top of the post.

The Pocketknife MPLS MySpace Page

(Jon Graef)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

super sad to see the pocketknife and greyskull done! that being said it seems like lots of new houses are popping up.

8:58 PM  

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