Monday, February 23, 2009

Top 20 Oscar-Related Tweets

So the Oscars happened. And while they were busy getting happened, I enjoyed watching some of my favorite bloggers tweet about the show. Here are, in my opinion, the Top 20 Oscar-Related Tweets penned by the blogosphere in reverse-chronological order. They actually serve as a pretty solid summation of what went down as well. Kudos on videogum for cracking me up the most.

videogum G: Wait, Tom Colicchio and Heidi Klum in Coke ads? Does Bravo own Coke now? Does Coke own Bravo? Does--[gunshot]

videogum G: Heath Ledger's true legacy will be overloading the Twitter servers...right...NOW. 21 minutes ago from web

hipsterrunoff i am too authentic to twitt about the Oscfags 1 minute ago from web

thecultureofme is will smith the new host? scientology fiasco?

nickandrews cmon will smith, we need 1 more album. just 4the fuckuvit.

theyellowstereo Wow Kevin Kline, where the hell have you been?

videogum G: People actually laughed when Cuba Gooding Jr. started talking. And now he made a joke about needing work. :( :( :( :(

videogum L: "seymour phillip hoffman" HUGE BLUNDER, Arkin.

shivvy Jessica Biehl -- WHO THE FUCK LET YOU OUT OF THE HOUSE?

videogum G: Slumdog Millionaire is the pretty, popular girl who claims that she's a dorky loser tomboy at this party.

PigsAndPlans I hope Wall-E wins best actor

ultragrrrl Oh Zac Ephron, why must you steal my heart, you little cutie.

theyellowstereo Fuck that lost dog commercial about 1 hour ago from TweetDeck

theyellowstereo Daniel Craig just wants to punch somebody.

DodgeMOKB boobs about to pop out carrie

theyellowstereo that speech....i'm asian and i'm offended

diplo Queen latifa wutup

thecultureofme aniston frazzled by brangelina in front row?

DodgeMOKB liz lemon boobies.

mattpicasso OH SHIT! Take that Scientology! Sadly, Tina Fey + Steve Martin were funnier in that skit than Baby Mama or 30 Rock.

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