Thursday, February 05, 2009

New Music: Ladyfinger - "Dusk"

*MP3: Ladyfinger - "Over and Over"
*MP3: Ladyfinger - "Let's Get Married"

Omaha's Ladyfinger mix the guitar tones and carnal energy of "Burst and Bloom" era Cursive with the riffy-ness and vocal inflections of modern Minus the Bear. The record is solid start-to-finish, however, "Let's Get Married" and "Over and Over" are the stand-out tracks on the record that bring me back to solid mid-90s depresso rock.

Ladyfinger's "Dusk" is now out on Saddle Creek Records and available on iTunes here.

Ladyfinger on MySpace

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Anonymous Top Rap Songs said...

Thanks for these tracks ... liked them

3:17 PM  

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