Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Military Special - "Factory Floors"

Download: Military Special - "Factory Floors"

Military Special caused quite the splash when the Minneapolis-based electro-pop-punk dropped their self-titled debut EP, and, based upon a post from the band's Tumblr yesterday, it only seems that 2009 will bring more fortune and acclaim to the band. The group announced yesterday that their debut LP, Civil Union, will be released on March 3rd. Furthermore, the band has released a single, "Factory Floors."

At the cross-centers of the Moog New Wave of ELO and the upright brit-pop of Kaiser Chiefs (with a little of The Rapture's new millennial dance-punk thrown in for some rhythmical force), "Factory Floors" captures an energy heard at the beginning of this decade, but does so well. Listen to the song at the top of the post.

Here's the tracklisting for Civil Union

1. Casual
2. Fall Back!
3. Trust
4. Say What You Want
5. The Falls
6. Factory Floors
7. Live Forever
8. 1971
9. City Lights
10. We’re Science

Stream the entire album right here.

Military Special MySpace Page

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Anonymous Top Rap Songs said...

Has a lot of energy ... curious about the rest of the album

4:37 PM  

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