Friday, January 23, 2009

Larkin Grimm - "Parplar"

*MP3: Larkin Grim - "Ride That Cyclone"

Larkin Grimm's debut album is a rich mystery of a record that doesn't readily file. Released on Michael Gira's (Swans, Angels of Light) Young God Records, "Parplar" finds a home among similarly hard to classify artists such as Lisa Germano and Akron Family.

The album is hung on sparse arrangements of acoustic guitar, skeletal piano, harp and light percussion. The real pleasure of Grimm is in her lyrics, words by turns mysterious, surreal, straightforward, and located firmly in the feminine. There is the sense of an ancient esoteric knowledge being explored, but rooted in the modern. She is exploring her philosophy, and it is a thick mud that is a pleasure to sink into.

With many clocking in at under two minutes, these songs are small gems that reveal their facets more and more with each listen, under new light, with new ears.

"my tits are made of silicone, just like the earth and sea / i am swallowing more estrogen so you wont impregnate me"

"ive got no hookers heart of gold / my hooks are sharp, my heart is cold"

"oh jesus, be my savior, ill be yours / oh mama im a bad spirit, be my host / im your holy ghost"

"revelations seldom come, when you really want them / all the earth is pretty dumb, but its pretty awesome"

For Fans Of: Lisa Germano, Joni mitchell, Alister Crowley

Tour Dates:
02/20/09 - The Turf Club, St. Paul MN (w. Ben Weaver)

Larkin Grimm on MySpace

(Bill Caperton)



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