Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Meridene - "Kill The Memory"

Download: Meridene - "Kill The Memory"
Download: Meridene - "Oh! Lover"

Meridene are a one of a series of groups to come out of Eau Claire, WI, with a preternatural tendency to go for big, exuberant melodies. "Kill the Memory", the first single from their upcoming debutYou're Not Pretty, You're Worse, combines the piano jaunt of Tori Amos' "Cornflake Girl", with a Neil Young guitar stomp of his work circa Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere. There's also a few of the dry-witted touches that makes Cake's work from the early 90s endearing (horns, not-quite-monotone vocals). All in all, not a bad demonstration of the band's talents.

Grade: B

Listen to "Kill the Memory" and "Oh! Lover", a song from a previously released EP, at the top of the post.

Meridene MySpace Page

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Blogger MJ said...

I case you missed it, Meridene performed on the 30 minute music hour on PBS. Find the story at VolumeOne, along with links to video of the show.

4:57 AM  

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