Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Big Quarters - "All Day Long"

Download: Big Quarters - "All Day Long"

Minneapolis rap duo Big Quarters hit upon an exciting, novel way to deliver new music to their fans with their Big Quarters Direct subscription service. The concept is simple. For 5 bucks every month, you get a new Big Quarters EP delivered to your email address. The duo also has been leaking tracks from the EPs on their website to give listeners a better idea as to what they're in for. This month's offering is called "All Day Long", and you can listen to it at the top of the post. As far as the music goes, it doesn't really depart from what BQ do best--chill mid-tempo grooves, with a jazz-like flow on top--but the narrative is quite dark. The MP3 is at the top of the post.

Check out the video for their track "Barter System" (the first Big Quarters Direct song leaked) below:

Big Quarters MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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