Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Does Blog Buzz Equal Album Sales?

Coolfer just posted about a great research paper conducted by NYU about whether or not blog chatter and MySpace friends actually influence album sales. I am about to sit down and read this 30-page beauty, so I'll have more soon. But this is how Coolfer summed it up:

• Blog chatter had the greatest correlation with sales two weeks after observation date
• The findings "strongly suggest" that blog posts and MySpace friends correspond to increase in future sales. Blog posts have a greater impact on sales than do MySpace friends
• Mainstream reviews (Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, et al) were negatively related to future sales
• MySpace friends do not have as great a predictive value as blog chatter
• "Very high" sales came from major label albums with 40 or more blog posts in the period
• An indie album with 240 blog posts in the observation period could overcome the disadvantage of being on an indie label

Read the full story here.

(Ian Anderson)

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Blogger April said...

Just read it. I think the general conclusion is probably about right, but the stats work is a bit wooly. Not impressed.

7:42 PM  

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