Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Moldy Peaches Perform On "The View" - Plus Stray Observations About Juno

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Download: The Moldy Peaches - "Anyone Else But You"
Download: Michael Cera & Ellen Page - "Anyone Else But You"

The Moldy Peaches, everybody's favorite "new" band, went on "The View", of all shows, to perform an rendition of that goddamned song* beloved indie-folk classic "Anyone Else But You", which has been introduced into the mainstream via the film Juno. Footage at the top of the post. Furthermore, I saw said film over the weekend and enjoyed it. A lot of the dialogue was too capital-Q quirky, but I thought Juno absolutely hit the mark when it came to the sincere and emotional moments (my favorite was the scene between Ellen Page and Jennifer Garner interacting in the mall). But I have some stray observations:

--"I bought another Sonic Youth CD and it's just noise!!". Based on this line, is it reasonable to assume that Juno bought NYC Ghosts And Flowers by mistake?
--Speaking of SY, is it even possible for someone whose favorite band is The Stooges not to have heard any Sonic Youth? And furthermore, to dismiss the band as noise? I know the comment was said out of spite, but let's at least have some consistency. How could she not think that Raw Power had its fair share of noise?
--I thought that the conversations between Mark (Jason Bateman) and Juno had some weird, unintended meta-awareness about them. Because if they were shooting the shit about underground/cult movies, music and TV in real life, then surely someone would have brought up "Arrested Development"?
--Minnesota shout-outs that I picked up on: St. Cloud, Stillwater, Mankato. There's gotta be more, for obvious reasons.

MP3s of the Juno cover and the Moldy Peaches original up at the top.

(Jonathan Graef)

*a reference to the song's ubiquity, not a quality judgement. Settle down, Beavis.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Juno mentions Ridgedale Mall too. :)

12:35 PM  

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