Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Math and Physics Club/The Hermit Crabs

Math And Physics Club

Download: Math and Physics Club - "Baby, I'm Yours"

I'm going to be honest: I got interested in Math and Physics Club because of they're name. Kind of like I started liking We Are Scientists before I even heard their music because nothing could ever be better than a band of science nerds.

Good thing they live up to the name. MPC plays way-cute twee pop that belies the fact that they're from Seattle. Their new E.P., Baby, I'm Yours hit stores last week. This is one of those situations in which I wish I could say that it exploded and everyone bought the E.P. and all was right in the world, but that didn't happen.

But you should buy Baby, I'm Yours. And you should play it for every cute boy or girl you meet. The title track is great fun; it's a little Belle & Sebastian and a little bit swing dance (minus swing nerds in fedoras and full 1940's garb). "Darling Please Come Home" is the other new track on the E.P., and it's pretty much the sonic equivalent of a really sweet, unexpected kiss on a pretty day. Reading back over that, I think I might be going a little DiCrescenzo in my old age. Ouch.

The E.P. also features two older songs ("In This Together" and "Nothing Really Happened") that never made it on to their previous albums.

The Hermit Crabs

Download: The Hermit Crabs - "Friend's Folk Festival"

I'm going to be honest again: I got interested in MPC's labelmates The Hermit Crabs because of their name, too. And they don't disappoint, either. The Hermit Crabs are another twee band, but I think they're even cuter than Math and Physics Club. Their songs jangle along super sweetly, and lead singer Melanie Whittle has a gorgeous voice. Fans of Camera Obscura and The Essex Green will find something to love in this Scottish quintet (alternatively, they might totally hate them for sounding too similar).

Their first full-length, Saw You Dancing, was released last week and can be ordered here.

The Hermit Crabs MySpace Page
TMC doesn't have am official MySpace, so here's their label's MySpace: Matinee Reocrdings MySpace Page

(April Wright)

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