Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kurt Cobain Bio-Pic Casting News

Joe Anderson

James McAvoy

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Next up in the seemingly never-ending stream of actors supposedly set to play Kurt Cobainin a new biopic is James McAvoy. If you haven't been following this story, Courtney Love has been pitching the idea of a biopic of his life based on Charles Cross' Heavier Than Heaven, and a parade of A- and B-Listeractors have had their names attached to the project.

The McAoy rumor crops up following reports that Ewan McGregor and Joe Anderson ("Across the Universe") were in the running for the lead. Most of the sources for this story are Australian or are US gossip blogs, so I'm not sure this rumor is terribly legit.

I think once they're all grunged-up McAvoy and Anderson come closer than McGregor to having the right look, but can they become him? I'm also not sold on the idea of a Cobain biopic in the first place. If it's based on Heavier Than Heaven, it'll probably be over-sanctifying with regards to Cobain's suicide and I still have my doubts that being put up on movie screens across the nation is what Cobain would have wanted.

(April Wright)

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