Wednesday, September 19, 2007

City Pages Publishes "Picked to Click 2007"

Click here for a complete rundown on the happenings of Picked to Click, but here is basically what went down:

Band (# of Votes):

Mouthful of Bees (68)
Gay Witch Abortion (34)
First Communion Afterparty (29.5)
Skoal Kodiak (28)
Roma di Luna (27)
Dance Band (26)
MC/VL (23)
Baby Guts (20.5)
M.anifest (18)
His Mischief (17.5)

Online-only runner-ups:

Weaver at the Loom (17)
Black Audience (16)
City on the Make, Jeremy Messersmith, Private Dancer (15)
Big Quarters, Pandemonium (13)
Mystery Palace; Now, Now Every Children (12)
A Night in the Box, Dark Dark Dark, Switzerlind (11)
Bastard Saint, The Evening Rig (10)
Beatrix Jar (9)
Dessa, France Has the Bomb, Ghost in the Water, Joanna James, To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie (8)

More to come as the story develops.

(Ian Anderson)

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Blogger April said...

I'm surprised Baby Guts was so high and Messersmith was so low.

12:39 PM  

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