Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Fiery Furnaces Track - "Ex-Guru"

Download: The Fiery Furnaces - "Ex-Guru" (Via Stereogum)

Courtesy of Stereogum, and taken from the Chicago based, brother-sister led, band's upcoming Widow City. It's their first effort for Thrill Jockey, the band's new label. The song is called "Ex-Guru".

The song is definitely more along the lines of their LP material, which is a good thing, in my mind. The track starts out in the sort of electropop-blues like "Single Again," but with more of a airy trip-hop feel. It fact, for a while, "Ex-Guru" is both one of the undiluted rock and techno tracks that Fiery Furnaces have written. That is, of course, until the band abruptly decides to become Led Zepplin in its Eastern, orchestral, phase. But that is short-lived as well, as the Furnaces briefly dabble in Beatles-esque orchestral-pop before returning to the song's refrain.

I dig the song a lot, even if I sense that "Ex-Guru" may seque into something that's even better on the album.

Read more about Widow City here. The album comes out Oct. 9th on Thrill Jockey.

(Jonathan Graef)

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