Thursday, August 16, 2007

An Insight Into The Murderous Minds of The 1900s

(The 1900s)

Download: Taken Down At The Request Of Management

As you may know, Chicago-based chamber pop group The 1900s is releasing their first full-length album, an LP titled Cold And Kind on Parasol Records. Every week until the album's October 2nd release, the band is posting a track on the group's website. This week, the band has posted the title track, which is by far the best track on the record. The harmonies during the chorus are pitch-perfect and the rest of the song is a perfect nugget of AM radio pop, which contrasts nicely against the morbid nature of some of the lyrics.

Stream the track here and at the top of this post.

MySpace Page

Buy Cold And Kind here

Update! The band just made it on Sterogum's "Band To Watch." Read more here.

(Jonathan Graef)

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Anonymous Jim @ said...

While The 1900s (all 7 of them) and Parasol Records (all 5 of us) truly appreciate your enthusiasm for the band's new album (seriously, you've been giving them props all month!) it won't be long before the entire album is available via mp3, which is something we as an indie band/indie label must curtail. So, in the kindest way possible, I need to ask if you would consider limiting any mp3 action to either "Georgia" or "When I Say Go".

1:24 PM  

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