Friday, July 20, 2007

Liam Lynch's Lynchland Podcast

Download: Liam Lynch - "United States of Whatever"

Deranged comic genius Liam Lynch has always been one of my favorite entertainers. From "The Sifl & Olly" show, to "Clone High", everything the man touches is comedy gold. Except for that Sarah Silverman thing. That wasn’t very funny at all, but I can forgive it.

Lynch launched the "Lynchland" video podcast in 2006. I’m a little late coming aboard, but if the past release schedule can be extrapolated out at all, I would guess that there should be a new episode in the next week or so.

And you should download that shit as soon as he puts it out.

"Lynchland," while primarily a comedy podcast, features some of the funniest songs known to humankind. He’s much funnier than Weird Al, by simple virtue of being dirtier and more adult. Lynch channels and augments the absurdity that made (and still kind of makes) They Might Be Giants hilarious, and draws in even more weird concepts from all corners of his bizarre mind. Other than a few staple segments, every episode is completely different, and songs have such a diverse range of inspirations that you never know what’s next.

Lynch dapples in all styles-modern rock, folk, country, death metal, rap-with fluidity and ease. He’s not just some guy with a guitar and some funny lines: the man’s got skills. Part of the joy of watching his music videos and listening to his songs is realizing how well put together and cohesive most of them are. What’s more, Lynch’s songs are almost always put together on the fly or in a very short period of time, but they don’t feel rushed or neglected.

Since there are literally hours and hours of video to pour through, I've compiled a short list of the best of Lynchland's music videos.

The crowning glory of all comedy songs is undoubtedly the Museum Rap:

("Museum Rap," Liam Lynch)

“This Town Sucks,” “We’re All Stars” and “I’m Not Ready” can be enjoyed on the basis of being good songs, independent of any comedy value. “I’m Not Ready” is one of my favorite songs of the moment:

("This Town Sucks," Liam Lynch)

("I’m Not Ready," Liam Lynch)

("We’re All Stars," Liam Lynch with Dhani Harrison)

These last five are funny and cute and all, but not his best work:

("What's Up?," Liam Lynch)

("Gimme a Ride," Liam Lynch)

("Giddie Up Flash," Liam Lynch)

("The Movies," Liam Lynch)

("When We Sing," Liam Lynch and Alex Albrecht)

To subscribe to Liam Lynch’s podcast, go here

(April Wright)



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