Monday, May 21, 2007

Voxtrot - Voxtrot

Voxtrot (Playlouder Records, 2007)
Grade: A

Download: "Kid Gloves"
Download: "Firecracker"

I've been piecing together the Voxtrot puzzle ever since I saw them play at the Triple Rock last spring. Two 7-inches, three EPs, a few live shows, and a rumor here or maybe over there have added up to twenty great songs and my growing impatience. The shroud of mystery that surrounds frontman Ramesh Srivastava has had me riveted since 2003 and finally, finally, Voxtrot will release their first full-length tomorrow.

The self-titled debut is the best album of the year. I have slotted a few releases this year already in my Top Ten, but this one right now is slotted at #1 - with a freakin' bullet (Jon, you will love it).

The Elvis Costello meets Belle & Sebastian pseudo-70s pop bombast fronted by Srivastava's crooning vocals just kill me - not to mention a spec of Crystal Skulls to top it off. The songs are stronger, edgier and catchier than any of their previous releases and just flat out rock harder.

I had quite the time trying to figure out which two songs I wanted to post because they are all top notch. But here are the two I settled on.

"Kid Gloves" is the obvious first single and really shows off what Voxtrot is capable of: loud and epic expressions of anguish and loneliness that leave you more empowered than powerless. Anybody can write a sad song that makes you sad, but it takes a true songwriter to take that sadness and make it inspiring. Plus, the line "Cheer me up, cheer me up, I'm a miserable fuck. Cheer me up I'm a vanity whore" is just awesome.

"Firecracker" is my favorite track off of the record. Building from a low rumble of floor-tom-bass-guitar interplay, the song leads smartly from a near Arcade Fire pre-chorus to the great chorus line "I will never be tricked by you." The chorus actually reminds me of the better days of Superdrag (which is a good thing) but is completely their own.

Voxtrot will be in Minneapolis on June 5 at the Triple Rock Social Club, don't miss it.

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Blogger Jon said...

You were right. These tracks are awesome.

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