Friday, April 06, 2007

Chicago F'in Rocks: Environmental Encroachment

Download: Environmental Encroachment - Gnowee.”
Download: Environmental Encroachment - Congo.”

“MySpace Page.”

Environmental Encroachment are an aptly named (due to the fact that they're into the whole parade thing) Chicago-based performance art group/marching band who combine the theatrics you'd normally find in a circus with African rhythms, funky basslines and unusual instrumentation (theramins are used quite frequently) to create a musical and visual experience the likes of which have never been seen...unless you live in Chicago.

A co-worker of mine told me about them today, and so I decided to check them out. They're pretty odd, but also pretty groovy. If you want to see video documentation of EE's merry shenanigans (and they certainly do engage in merry shenanigans), then head over to their “official webpage”.

If you want to see them live, you can catch them TONIGHT on their annual "Beers and Ears" Pub Hop, which starts at 6:30 and goes til midnight, where they will be playing in "full Bunny regala" at Quenchers, a Chicago bar located at the corner of Fullerton and Western. Suggested donation is ten bucks, which will go toward a benefit for Burning Man.

This is probably the funkiest you can get over the Easter weekend. I suggest that you take full advantage of it.

(Jonathan Graef)

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