Thursday, January 17, 2008

The A.V. Club Asks Atmosphere's Slug About Love And Sex

Download: Atmosphere - "YMG"
Download: Atmosphere - "Domestic Dog"

Feeling frustrated with your love life? Feel like you can't get any answers and have no where to turn? Dreading spending another Valentine's Day alone? If so, head over to The A.V. Club by January 28yh, because you'll have the opportunity to ask questions about sex and love to one of hip-hop's foremost experts in those subjects: Slug, from Minneapolis-based hip-hop duo Atmosphere.

In order for you, the reader, to submit a question to Slug, you must do two things: Write your question to email address or ask your question on the comment board of the A.V. Club article announcing the feature. Do so by January 28th. If your question is one of the better ones, then the A.V. Club will forward the question on to Slug for his advice. Basically, it's the underground hip-hop version of Savage Love.

In other Atmosphere news, the duo's excellent online-only release Strictly Leakage was recently reviewed on Pitchfork. The fork also released Lemon's track
list. Here it be:

When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold tracklist:

01 Like the Rest of Us
02 Puppets
03 The Skinny
04 Dreamer
05 Shoulda Known
06 You
07 Painting
08 Your Glass House
09 Yesterday
10 Guarantees
11 Me
12 Wild Wild Horses
13 Can't Break
14 The Waitress
15 In Her Music Box

First pressings of Lemons will include a DVD of last fall's First Avenue shows which, as you may remember, were in support of Sad Clown Bad Winter 11, as well as a 40-page book which will include credits, lyrics, and a children's story from Slug. I really hope the tale resembles something like the Wonder Showzen Season 2 DVD storybook.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Paint That Shit Gold is out in April on Rhymesayers

Atmosphere MySpace Page

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