Monday, August 18, 2008

New Atlas Sound - "Holiday" (Plus: Some Hoser Raids Brandon Cox's Mediafire Folder)

Download: Atlas Sound - "Holiday

Brandon Cox is nothing if not prolific. And, lucky for us listeners, he also happens to be very generous, giving away countless amounts of non-album material on his Deerhunter/Atlas Sound/Lotus Plaza blog. Of these many tracks, the especially noteworthy ones come in the form of Virtual 7-inches, in which Cox updates the concept of the single to the 21st-century.

Number 4 in the series is "Holiday", a track that sounds like an Elvis ballad as produced by an unusually focused Kevin Shields. In other words, "Holiday" takes a classic pop chord progression and puts it through a house of shoegazer mirrors. Download it here. End of story, yes? Actually, no. Apparently, Cox left his Mediafire folder "unprotected and in plain view." The mistake unfortunately resulted in the folder raided, and the many demos, including ones for a new Atlas Sound LP titled Logos, contained therein being leaked. Cox responded with few despondent blog posts that have since been removed. The first one involved Cox calling the raider a C U Next Tuesday. (Bet you can figure that one by yourself).

Here's what Cox wrote subsequently:
Fuck this shit. I can just make another album. It's not finished and now it never will be. It was also going to have a rad cover. i would describe it to you but that would be stupid. P.S. there are no vocals on Quick Canal. I never got the chance to record them. This record was not free to record, so if you'd like to pay for hearing it send a paypal donation to I am not a fucking opportunist so don't think I expect it.

And, in a follow-up post:
I have no idea what people want me to do. I'm not trying to be a cunt to anyone. I will finish the fucking album and stop bitching. I honestly really truly do not want attention from this. Sincerely. I wish none of this shit would have happened. I was just trying to give away another virtual 7". Now everyone that reads this thing is going to think i'm a fucking lunatic. I just have nothing to do. I guess I'll go clean my room.

Yikes. (On a personal note, just because someone puts themselves in a situation where they can be taken advantage of doesn't actually give you the right to take advantage of them in the first place.)

Pity. The song is actually pretty great, like most of Cox's material. Listen to it at the top of the post. The B-side is "S.S.C", a reggae-tinged number.

Download the 7-inch here.

Atlas Sound MySpace Page

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Anonymous Aaron said...


I want to applaud you for your perfect use of hoser.

Being from the northeast the term is not batted about all that much, but I've always been curious of its etymology.

I met a guy at Bonnaroo who claimed to have a moment of clarity regarding the word's meaning after watching a line of people piss against a fence.

I was doubtful it was a reference to pissing though.

And thanks to your use of the word in today's post I did a little google search to discover the true meaning. According to wiktionary ( a hoser is:
1. (Canada, slang) A clumsy, boorish person, especially an uncouth, beer-drinking man.
2. (Canada, slang)A person whose self interest often outweighs any ethical considerations.
3. (Canada, slang) Not an overtly criminal individual, but one known to participate in petty infractions and rule bending. Example: A hoser would consume food or alcoholic beverages, typically pizza and beer, with complete disregard to ownership or sharing.

Apparently the word may originally be derived from slang for whore, but who knows.

Anyways, the second definition is probably the most applicable in this situation.

Cheers to your perfect usage.
Later on.

9:43 AM  
Blogger Jon said...

Aaron -
Your post absolutely made my day! Thank you so much. I didn't realize that hoser had such an in-depth etymology. At any rate, thanks. That was awesome.


10:47 AM  

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